“We are proud of our state’s leadership in supporting a legal cannabis marketplace, but we are also conscious that many view our new industry with skepticism. In order to help demonstrate our members’ commitment to a safe and regulated marketplace that keeps cannabis out of the hands of kids, we created a Code of Conduct to share our values and standards of practice so that we can help demonstrate our commitment to responsible business practices. In forming our Code of Conduct, our members engaged in a deep discussion about how we think our unique and new industry can be productive and valued business leaders in the communities where they operate. By modeling the standards for our Code of Conduct to other regulated industries, our members hope that we can prove over time that licensed, regulated business professionals like those that comprise the legal cannabis marketplace uphold the same values which all Washingtonians share.” - WACA Executive Director Vicki Christophersen

Social Responsibility

  • WACA members believe that a diverse and nondiscriminatory work environment is a critical component for a successful industry.
  • WACA members will be respectful of their neighbors and the neighborhoods where they operate by respecting norms about appearance, cleanliness, noise and related conveniences like parking and hours of doing business.
  • WACA will collaborate with organizations seeking to explore and shape the future of the industry to ensure equity for anyone who is 502-licensed.
  • WACA will collaborate with community, public health and neighborhood organizations committed to safety, substance abuse, and education.

Clean Cannabis

  • WACA will continue to work with Liquor Cannabis Board (LCB) officials and lawmakers to establish scientifically-based processes to ensure cannabis products are safe for patients and non-patients alike.
  • WACA growers seek the highest industry standards when it comes to testing, quality-control and pesticide screens practiced consistently by independent testing facilities.
  • WACA retailers mandate that the products that make it to their shelves have passed rigorous and comprehensive inspection.


  • WACA members share a fundamental responsibility to develop legislative and regulatory solutions that strengthen the nascent industry and ensure its accountability to the public.
  • WACA is committed to industry collaboration and mutual benefit for all stakeholders in the 502 ecosystem. 
  • WACA members will develop public policies that anticipate trends, address problems and resolve inconsistencies in the system.

Cannabis Use

  • WACA upholds all state laws that mandate that cannabis and cannabis products are intended for adults of legal purchase age.
  • WACA supports strict penalties for anyone who is not a licensed retailer to sell or provide cannabis.
  • WACA members urge rigorous enforcement of the law to keep drivers, passengers and communities safe.

Community Relations

  • WACA members are in the process of forming a Medical Access Fund (MAF) to provide financial assistance to patients with prescriptions to help ease the expense of medically-needed products.
  • WACA will require each member to participate in a WACA-sponsored community event once annually.

Internal Compliance

  • The WACA Code of Conduct will be reviewed annually to ensure it accurately reflects the legal, licensed industry in Washington.
  • Compliance with the WACA Code of Conduct is mandatory for all WACA members.
  • WACA has a “2 strikes and you’re out” policy for any member that willfully disregards the law.