Membership Application

“The regulated cannabis industry has made great strides in no small part to WACA’s professionalism and ability to help develop solutions that work for everyone that wants to do it right.” - Sen. Ann Rivers (R-18) 

“WACA’s professional approach and commitment to establishing a safe, regulated system is critically important as we strive to show leadership nationally on legal marijuana.” - Rep. Eric Pettigrew (D-37) 

Government Relations. Battle-tested lobbying efforts at the legislature, Governors' office and regulatory agencies. Make no mistake, it was WACA’s efforts that successfully passed policies that collapsed the unsustainable three tier tax structure, allowed for vendor days and promotional items, secured confidentiality provisions for 502 licenses and much more.

Member Connections. A robust program focused on building our members relationships with elected officials. In 2017 our members met with over 60 members of the state legislature as well as 15 Members of Congress and their key staff during a federal fly-in to Washington, D.C.

Public Affairs/Media Relations. Dedicated public affairs staff focused on helping our members establish their presence in their local community as well as helping the industry shape its public profile across the state. WACA members have been featured in most mainstream media as we work to develop a public profile for the 502 industry.

Member Events. WACA hosts at least two annual conferences with dedicated access to regulators, elected officials, and other professionals focused on helping 502 businesses succeed.

Networking Opportunities. WACA convenes social events around the state providing members the opportunity to interact with each other and local elected officials.

Retro Program. WACA is currently in the process of establishing a Labor and Industries Retrospective rating program that will allow our members lower premiums and potential refunds associated with L&I while building a safer workplace. We plan to be offering our members these benefits by mid-year 2018.

Association Health Plan. WACA is currently in the process of establishing our own association health plan that will offer health insurance benefits to our member companies and their employees. This plan will be up and running in 2018.

Community Relations. WACA is awaiting federal approval of our Medical Access Fund which will be a non-profit foundation dedicated to assisting medical patients access the products they need.

Finally, WACA is also preparing to offer discounted LifeLock services to our members and their employees. 

Read more (.PDF) about WACA membership and our track record of success on behalf of members.


Like most other industry trade associations, WACA bases our dues on gross annual revenues for each member. Dues are assessed at the beginning of each calendar year. If a member joins mid year, their dues are pro-rated. The levels are below. 

Non-Voting membership (any business type): $500/year
All membership benefits except member is not allowed to vote in association business. 
Voting membership:
  • Associate members, including labs and transporters:
    • Level 1 – Annual Revenue over $5 million- $5,000/year 
    • Level 2 – Annual Revenue between $1 - $4.9 million - $2000/year 
    • Level 3 – Annual Revenue under $1 million - $1,000/year 
  • Regular Licensed 502 Members
    •  Level 1 – Annual Revenue over $5 million - $5000/year 
    • Level 2 – Annual Revenue between $1-$4.9 million - $2,500/year 
    • Level 3 – Annual Revenue $150,000 - $1 million - $1,500/year 
    • Level 4 – Annual Revenue under $150,000 - $500/year

New members joining mid-year will have dues pro-rated for the remainder of the year.