Thank you for all of the panelists of our 2023 Winter Symposium and for those of you who attended, sharing your expertise and experience with us all. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


Date:                 December 11, 2023

Location:          Columbia Tower, 701 5th Avenue, Seattle

Time:                9:00 am to 4:00 pm (lunch will be included)

Happy Hour:    Immediately following adjournment of the Symposium

Cost to attend is $195.00. For that fee, you receive:

  • Entrance to all four Symposium Sessions
  • Relevant background and preparatory materials and presentations
  • Welcome coffee and light snacks in the morning and a full lunch at mid-day
  • Opportunity to network and connect with other attendees at a Happy Hour reception following the Symposium
  • Contact information for all attendees for future networking opportunities (attendees have the ability to opt-in with a valid email address, or decline to have their contact information shared publicly)

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Symposium Agenda:

Session I: Beyond the Hysteria – Real-Life Implications of Descheduling/Rescheduling Cannabis in the Legal Marketplace. A scan of media coverage on rescheduling cannabis reiterates the players – from the Department of Health and Human Services to the DEA – but otherwise features very little information or insight on the massive impacts such a policy change would have on the legal and regulated cannabis sector, cannabis investors, consumers, and the public. Is rescheduling a pipe dream or a nightmare?



Session II: From Here to There – The Movement of Cannabis Products in a One-Click World. Normalization of adult use cannabis and acceptance of the regulated industry as a sector with standard operating requirements demands exploration into opportunities to make the movement of product between licensees more cost effective, efficient, and safe. What complexities should be directly evaluated and addressed? This session features seasoned experts in business to business logistics including the challenges and opportunities of different methods of collecting, storing, and moving product to market.



Amber Vaughn, Owner

Terpene Transit

Marques Warren, Owner

Downtown Spirits

Josh McDonald, Executive Director

Washington Wine Institute


Session III: Beyond Canopy – Revisiting and Revising How Washington Measures, Tracks and Taxes Product to Effectively Regulate the Health of the Industry.  From the width of a walkway to the reach of a healthy plant, Washington State’s canopy classifications have repeatedly fallen short as they pertain to the amount of producer output and informing public policy. Looking beyond Washington state and even beyond cannabis regulation, this session will explore alternatives to the current canopy system. Bring your point of view and experience to this critical conversation on effectively regulating cannabis and on real solutions to track what is grown that makes it to market legally…and what doesn’t.

Layke Martin, Executive Director

Nevada Cannabis Association

Matt McCallum, Enforcement Education Manager


Corey Babb, Director of Operation


Doug Henderson, CEO

Painted Rooster Cannabis Company


Session IV: One Plant – Innovation of Cannabis and the Future of Use from the Farm Bill to the Pharmacy. Whether viewed as sacred, as relief, as a commodity or as a blight, the cannabis plant may be the most reverently appreciated and simultaneously deeply misunderstood plant in the world. With the stroke of a pen, execution of the 2018 Farm Bill freed hemp for greater use by more people…including those with the skill and resources to convert it to THC. Although the authors of the 2018 Farm Bill likely did not envision unregulated intoxicating hemp products, they are here. Where are we all going, and what are the necessary checks and balances on our way there? This session will explore recently passed legislation in Washington (SB 5367) as well as ongoing conversations regarding the 2023 Farm Bill and potential updates to hemp regulation.


Cassidy West, Policy & Rules Manager


Pamela Epstein, Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer

Terpene Belt Inc.

Chris Lindsey, Director of State Advocacy & Public Policy


Chris Fontes, CEO

High Spirits Beverages

Jason Crowley, General Manager

Fairwinds Manufacturing

Shea Hynes, Co-Founder

Lux Pot Shop


Session V:  Legal deals – How cannabis retailers can better serve their customers by facilitating transactions.  The inability of Congress to treat regulated cannabis as a sector deserving of its respect and focus creates expensive inefficiency and public safety hazards in communities where we operate. Others agree. Innovative, third party payment products that allow in-store transactions without relying on all-cash environments are necessary options for licensees and the adult customers they serve. In this session, hear firsthand from financial and regulatory experts about products and payment options available for the cannabis space to help address this ongoing problem and the uncontrolled violence it invites.

Ryan Hamlin, CEO


Jeffrey Harris, CEO


Tony Repanich, President & CEO

Shield Compliance


Session VI:  Legislative Panel - Real world application of ideas.  Following the robust conversations that have occurred throughout the day we will be joined by a bi partisan, bicameral group of legislators who will help attendees explore next steps on some of these important issues. Whether short or long term approaches, this session will explore concrete ways we can impact cannabis policy in Washington.  

Senator Derek Stanford, D-01   Senator Karen Keiser, D-33  Representative Sharon Wylie, D-49


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